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Today I am going to introduce you to the first of our guest bloggers!  Mandii from Xanthe Photography has been using our leather usbs and gift tags for quite some time now.  You can be just like Mandii ;) and purchase your leather usbs here and your new timber gift tags here!  I have asked Mandii to write a few guest blog pieces because I love how real she is when she writes.  Existing in photos is something that I have come to realise is very important to Mandii and it is something that we all put off - but you know what?  You never know what the future holds.
Over to you lovely lady!
Katrina x

Hi I'm Mandii from Xanthe Photography. 
I have a beautiful family and a husband that adores me. 
I love having beautiful photos of me with with them.
Because I deserve good things. I'm worth it. 
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Here's the thing though. I am overweight . Obese. 
BUT I am still worth it. Being overweight, doesn't mean I shouldn't have photos taken with my kids and husband. They really love me. All of me. Even my really fat arms. The kids would probably say especially my fat tummy. You know, it is THE perfect resting place for them.  My husband would probably say especially my fat bum. He's cute like that. 
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I really truly treasure these beautiful photos we had taken by Bec from Sunshine Photography. Every time I look at them, I love them more. I see past my imperfections and only see my family, together, having fun. 
Last year, I asked people on my facebook page the kind of things that were holding them back from having their own family photos taken. Along with worrying about how their children will behave, and the cost, was the overwhelming response that they probably won't like how they look in the photos. That they would probably wish they could be photoshopped. 
Then, a few weeks ago, I was in a store - it was quiet and the checkout staff were chuckling to themselves about their weight and how much they hated themselves. One lady admitted she was going to go in and get all her fat cut off her. She couldn't wait. That's how she would finally solve this problem and love herself again.. by getting parts of her body surgically removed. 
How did we ever get to this point? We REALLY hate ourselves right? We are just never enough. 
Here's an exercise for you. 
What's something negative you say to yourself regularly? 
Perhaps you say you are stupid, perhaps you say you are worthless, perhaps you say you are fat. 
Now, imagine walking in on your child staring at themselves in the mirror saying that to their reflection. How would that make you feel to hear those words come out of their mouth? Those same words you utter to yourself all the time. 
We are not defined by the number on the scales. We are not defined by the size of our clothes. (I'm an 18 by the way, sometimes even a 20. Big deal.) That's not how you measure success or happiness. We don't need to be skinny or beautiful to be worthy of good things. We don't need to wait until we are skinny to do stuff. We have to spend the rest of our lives.. with ourselves.  It's time for us to stop buying into the bullshit that we need to wait to do things until we are a bit slimmer or healthier. If not for us, for our kids.
At the end of the day, when our time on this earth is over, no one is going to care about our love handles or what dress size we are. They will however care if there are no photos of us to treasure. 
Please, stop waiting to lose weight to do stuff.  Have fun, swim at the beach, be in photos.  You are freaking awesome already.

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