Timber usbs for the win!

Our timber usbs are the perfect way to present your clients with information or images in a professional way.  Gone are the days of a supermarket usb in a random colour.  You can now give clients a customised usb which is in line with your branding.  We have already looked at our crystal and leather customised usbs, now on to our timber styles.  

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Timber usbs are already widely used by photographers for the handing over of photos.  However, imagine being an architect or event planner and handing over a beautiful, branded usb rather than reams of paper.  Usbs give our clients the opportunity to store all of their digital files in one place.

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Our timber usbs come with complimentary display boxes.  These slide top boxes are the perfect home for these beautiful usbs.  Timber usbs are available in 3 styles - rectangle, rounded, swivel.  Our customised timber usbs can be purchased here.

Our timber usbs are available in a pine or walnut (dark wood) finish.  We find the pine finish to be the most successful for most logos, however the walnut wood with the right logo makes for a seriously beautiful usb!

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Your logo can be either engraved or printed on our timber usbs.  Like all of our other usbs, we provide a digital proof of how your usb will look.  This way, you are able to ensure that your new usbs will look exactly the way you imagine.  We are more than willing to discuss your needs and work with you to create your perfect usb!

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What our clients are saying about our timber usbs:
"Today I got my first order with B studio and omg the wooden USBs are beautiful .. so lovely to order from, quick, helpful and stunning quality.... can't wait to start giving them to my clients for that special/person touch to my photography business... thank you"
Steph Blums (5 stars)

Australian photography, photographer usbs, customised usbs, branded usbs, promotional materials

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