Stylish Leather usbs

If our crystal or timber usbs are not in line with your branding, our leather usbs just might be!  Sleek in their design, our leather usbs are available in white, black or brown.  White is by far the most popular colour chosen as it works so well with all logos, however the choice is yours!  Like with all of our other usbs, we provide a digital proof to show you what your usbs will look like, and are also available to work with you in your decision making.

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You can purchase your customised leather usbs here .  If you have questions about how to choose the right usb for your needs, simply email or message through our Facebook page

Our customised leather usbs have a wrap around design which is held together with a magnetic closure.  Leather usbs are easily posted due to their size or can be handed to clients to view files or images.  One of the best things about our customised leather usb is that it suits all styles of business - from photographers or wedding planners to builders or real estate agents.  These usbs can be easily incorporated into your existing packaging, or you might like to add our linen boxes to your package.

Our linen usb boxes are a beautiful way to display our leather usbs (or any of our customised usbs really!).  Our linen usb boxes can be purchased here.





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