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I am Katrina and I am the person who answers your questions when you send through an enquiry.  I prepare your orders for submission to our manufacturer, I unpack and then wrap and send your goodies when they arrive.  I also try to take pretty pictures of your usbs so that they can be featured on our pages - I love receiving photos from you showing how you package your goodies... so please keep sending them through!


I first began B Studio Promotions because I am a photographer and I thought that I would enjoy becoming a usb supplier - thinking that if I could get a couple of orders a month, I would be happy!


Since then, I am pretty happy to say that I now place orders most weeks!  Having B Studio Promotions has given me the opportunity to connect with so many like minded people - and I must say I am often fan girling while responding to messages from favourite photographers!!  

My client base now also includes non photographers like travel agents, singers, brand strategists and even builders.  I am so grateful for each and every recommendation that my clients give... word of mouth is such a powerful thing and I truly believe that with out this, I wouldn't be where I am now.  I also try to return the favour by interacting with posts as often as I can (most often on instagram).


To tell you a little about myself, I am a photographer, relief teacher, wife, mother, daughter, friend, cleaner, cook, homework helper, laundry extraordinaire (ha ha!)... life is busy.. but I wouldn't change it.  I live on the Gold Coast and have two children and a very patient (but equally busy) hubby who has his own electrical business!  I am more likely to be watching a series on Netflix than be watching regular tv, I would choose a cheese platter over dessert and I like a good chicken wing!  I am plant obsessed... which is why you might notice that pretty much all of my usb photos include plant life of some kind!


My first job was working in Susan... and I had the most amazing boss who held customer service above all.  I think this start is part of what has made me so passionate about the customer service experience that I give to my clients.  I work hard to answer your questions as quickly as possible and lose sleep over deliveries arriving on time... but I hope that these are the things that keep my lovely clients coming back... knowing that I genuinely care and that I personally interact with each and every order.

Katrina x

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