Packaging, Packaging, Packaging!

Putting together packaging that suits your branding can sometimes be seriously stressful!  You want to put together beautiful products which are not only great quality, but are also affordable.  Can some times feel like a catch 22, right?  At B Studio Promotions, we try to ensure that our products are both value for money and are of a high quality.  We have worked hard to put together our product lines and have liased with our clients to find out what it is you really need and want!

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One thing behind some of our decisions when putting together product lines has been trying to have some different products.  For this reason, we have decided to not stock wooden print boxes.  We have instead introduced our seriously beautiful linen print/usb and usb display boxes.  The quality of these boxes is spot on, and many of our clients have commented about how excited their clients have been when they have seen our boxes!

We have also worked with some of our clients to come up with customised boxes in colours that match their branding.  We know how important consistent branding is and are more than willing to try to help you in whatever way we can!

If you don't need boxes but would like to instead put your usbs in fabric bags, or maybe you would like to add wooden tags to your packaging... we can help you with this too!

Let's face it, consistent branding is crucial but can be stressful.  However, we are more than willing to help you put together the pieces of your puzzle.  We are hoping that by working with B Studio Promotions, it can become a little less stressful... and maybe even be fun!

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