Making Your Quirks Work For You!

When Taylah from Wander and Collect first agreed to write a blog piece, she was super nervous - as many of my writers often are - worried that their piece isn't what I am looking for.  But one of the main things that I love about having my clients write blog pieces is that they are so varied... and my hope is that by having varied pieces, there will be something that speaks to every one!  Taylah uses our rectangle timber usbs and our gorgeous print boxes.  You can purchase yours by visiting our website.  

Over to Taylah!

My quirks are as follows:
I cry way too much at a wedding - it doesn’t matter who’s wedding, royal or not. If I see a genuine act of love or kindness, I get quite emotional. To be honest, I even get teary if there is a good ad on television that pulls at my heart strings! I love to people watch - to the point where I am interrupted by coughing or the person sitting next to me saying my name repeatedly until they have my attention. But this is just me, and I genuinely can’t help it!


There was a time when I felt as though my “quirks” made me different for all the wrong reasons. I felt as though being too emotional was a problem and would always try to hide crying in a sad movie, or tearing up when someone else was upset. But, little did I know, my quirks would shape my career path and help me find my passion for life!


When I discovered lifestyle photography, it was the outlet I needed to express my true self and keep my ever exploring mind entertained! I now spend my days exploring and adventuring with clients who are more like friends! I witness true moments of love and happiness and I can cry all I want because my tears are hidden behind my camera. I share in people's honest and raw moments and love that my job allows me to quietly observe! My quirks are now expressed through the images I capture for that family, or couple, or individual and I no longer hide the fact that I love to people watch! It’s my thing, and it is what makes me a great photographer!

I care way too much, I cry way too much, I feel way too much, but I love this and use my quirks to bring happiness and joy to others. I finally feel as though my career truly let’s me be myself!

Oh and did I mention I use way too many explanation marks! < Perfect example! 🙂


You can check out more of Taylah's work by visiting her website, facebook or instagram pages.


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