Guest Blog: Why You Should Celebrate The Client That Didn’t Choose You.

When Emma Liggins first agreed to doing a blog piece for us, I was really excited.  I have spoken to so many of our clients and talked about how we feel when running our own business.  Feelings of being unsure that we are doing it right or that we are going to achieve our goals are very real.  Emma talks to us a little about how we can fall back in love with why we do our business.  I hope that you find it really helpful.  I will add some details about Emma at the bottom x


Almost everyone I speak to, who is in business for themselves, believes that they have been guided in some way. Whether it is the universe, God, fate or spirit guides it is usually quite clear, when we look back, to see the path we were pushed along to get to the point of self employment.

We accept the path and start moving along it and although it is hard work the early days are filled with an energy wrapped up in fear an excitement as we start to pursue our goals and our purpose.

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 Whether it is in the early days or several years on there is a point that it becomes ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

 Now I know money is important, it’s how we survive in this modern world but few people start their own business for money. Whether it is to pursue our personal passion or share our personal genius there is always an internal motivator that drives us to start this journey.

But somewhere along the way we loose our faith and direction.

We stop trusting the universe and stumble aimlessly along this path chasing the dollar sign ahead. That client that we worked for gets away or chooses our competitor, which brings on feelings of loss and bitterness.

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We begin to worry that what we do isn’t good enough. Or maybe direct these feelings of negativity towards the others in our industry that undercut what we do.

So you’re stuck in this rut and not getting the clients you want and I hear you frustratedly asking “why does that mean I should celebrate the client that didn’t choose me?”

Because it is a sign, a really big clear sign.

Nobody is going to be passionate about what you do if you aren’t!

It means as hard as it feels it is time to stop thinking about the money and start finding your internal motivator again. Find your spark and what excites you about what you do. And yes that is going to mean some deep reflection and heading out to try some new things. To look outside the box of what you are doing day in and day out to find the point of difference that drives you to do what you do.

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An easy way to start this process is to sit with a tea or coffee and write down one or two things that really used to excite you when you started your business. Now work out what it was about this that used to excite you…the ‘why’.

For example maybe you buy second hand items to re sell. What used to excite you was heading out to pick up a new piece. But why it used to excite you was more about the person you met when you collected it and hearing the stories and history behind it. It was the personal connection you made. Now that you have increased your business you no longer spend time connecting when you pick up pieces and you no longer hear the stories and the history. Without realising it you have blocked a large aspect of where your pleasure and excitement came from and in turn this is not flowing on to your clients.


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Because when you have that excitement for what you do it is contagious. Nothing sells a product or service more than your own personal excitement for it....



Thank you to my lovely photographers who agreed to lend some photos to this blog piece - I am very grateful!

About Emma:

Emma Liggins is a qualified Intuitive Business Coach with a Master of Adult Education, Certificate of Intuitive Wellness Coaching and is completing her last two subjects for a Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

Over the last 20 years, Emma has worked in a range of different settings including medical education (both primary and tertiary care), oil and gas (WHS), migrant resettlement and hospitality. Emma has also built two businesses from the ground up, one a massive failure and the other a national/international success. Combining her professional experience with her extensive travel, property development and living in urban and rural Australia and overseas, Emma has significant life experience to guide her clients towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

Emma is passionate about Occupational Wellness, supporting and guiding employees, startups and existing business owners to combat limiting beliefs and impostor syndrome through identifying personal genius and recognising challenges as great learning opportunities. Wherever you may be feeling stuck, Emma is able to uncover the endless possibilities available to you and support you in implementing practical achievable actions.

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