Feature: Lauren Elyse Photography

As part of our blogging plan, we will be featuring some of our clients and find out how they use our products.  

A big thank you to Lauren from Lauren Elyse Photography for agreeing to help us kick off our blog features.  As you will see, Lauren uses our gold crystal usb as well as our linen print boxes.  We absolutely love seeing how you all put together your packages, so if you are interested in being featured, we would love to hear from you!

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How did you first find out about B Studio Promotions?           
I found out about B Studio Promotions through a facebook group.

Which of our products do you use?                                         
I used the crystal usb's with the gold lids and the print boxes.

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Did you find it easy to find products which suit your needs?   
I find B Studio Promotions website very easy to use and love how the products are so neatly categorised. The images clearly show what the products look like so your able to work with the vision you have in mind for your business branding.

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Have you found communicating with B Studio Promotions easy?
Communicating with B studio promotions has been phenomenal.  Katrina's service is second to none, even when I had a courier issue she didnt stop until she located my parcel. She is extremely relatable and understanding and every transaction has been a pleasure.

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Is ordering easy?
Ordering is so easy, it's always been such a smooth process.

When you have received your products, what was your first impression?
When I changed from the timber products to the crystal usb's with the print boxes I knew I had found something special. When they arrived I was blown away and my heart skipped a beat!

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Have your clients commented on your products at all?
Yes!  I take a studio sample with me to all consultations and my clients are blown away each time.  They love to touch and feel what they will receive as a finished product.

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Would you recommend B Studio Promotions?
Yes 100%, Katrina has created a gem of a business.

Tell us a little about your photography business...
I own Lauren Elyse Photography, I specilaise in Wedding, Maternity and Newborn Photography in Western Sydney.

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All photos are thanks to Lauren Elyse Photography.  You can check out more of her work through the following links:

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  • Katrina provides that element of customer service which sometimes get missed in this fast paced click and receive era. All credit to her. We love using B Studios for our business needs 😍

    Tamika Smith
  • Looks beautiful

  • These USBs are beautiful. I can recommend this product as I have seen a variety of them myself. Very nice quality and beautifully packaged.
    A definite must for photographers wanting an edge on their competition by providing ghese for their clients.
    Katrina has excellent service and quick turn around. I can highly recommend her!


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