Feature: Amanda Lowry ~ Brand Strategist

I was so excited when Amanda agreed to be featured on the blog and answer my interview questions!  Amanda has been using our usbs for a while now - I was very interested in getting her insights about the importance of branding.... something we all need to learn about.

Can you tell us a little about your business?
My business is me, myself and I. I am an independent Brisbane Brand Strategist.  I work with existing businesses, designing powerful visual identities and creating strategies that elevate their brand. The goal? To attract your ideal client.

How did you first find out about B Studio Promotions?
I first came across B Studio Promotions in a facebook group for other like minded business women. I have been on the search for the perfect USB for my business and Katrina shared a post with one of her latest additions, which I though would be perfect!

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Which of our products do you use and how do you use it?
I use the Gold Crystal USB's. I chose to work with this design of USB because they had a classy look and feel, they are high quality and I was able to brand them in a subtle way. With everything I do in my business I always aim to be different and these usb's allow me to present something different to my clients. Out of the colour options I chose gold as my brand colours are white and yellow, gold was the best fit to keep the consistency of colour. I use these USB's as my final keep sake to my clients with all of their new brand material. It is important to always leave a lasting impression, and in my business where there is not a lot of tangible items, it is great to leave them with something that is.

promotional materials, business branding, Australian business, customised usb

How important do you think it is to have consistent branding carried through things such as usbs, packaging etc.
Having a consistent brand is incredibly important! I express the importance of being consistent with my clients all the time, I believe it is one of the most important things to a brand and can bring a lot of value to a business if done right. With being consistent it is also about the little things, but usually it is the little things like usb's that don't have that much thought put into them. The best way to look at it is with the overall experience they deliver. If you could break this experience down into touch points, I.e Website, Sales person, purchase, package, delivery... Look at these elements individually but also how they work together; are they consistent in colour, feel etc. Are they communicating the same message? Usb's would typically be at the end of the experience so it is important for it to communicate the same level of service and quality as this could be your lasting impression.

Have you found communicating with B Studio Promotions easy?
Yes definitely! With my days and weeks being crazy, it was nice to communicate with Katrina after hours. The process was simple and easy! It was also great to be supporting another local business.

promotional materials, business branding, Australian business, customised usb

When you have received your products, what was your first impression?
My first impression when I received the usb's was 'WOW'. They exceeded my expectations. They had weight to them and each element was of a high quality. I actually wasn't expecting the lid to be the solid metal that it was! But the most important thing was that my logo was done perfectly, not distorted or misused, it came out exactly like the pre-production proofs.

What do your clients think?
Well, these usb's don't look like usb's (which I think is awesome!), this is to the point that I have to show and tell my clients 'this is your USB.' Funny story... just the other day, I delivered the completed brand with their thank you card and USB. I got a call the following day thanking me for the little perfume I had 'gifted', I was thinking, what perfume?? They were referring to the crystal USB. I started to laugh and said, sorry to disappoint but that is your USB with your brand material. They laughed and said that's even better! They loved it!

Would you recommend B Studio Promotions to others?
I would definitely recommend Studio B Promotions as they offer high quality usb's that are different and guaranteed to leave that lasting impression.

promotional materials, business branding, Australian business, customised usb

If you would like to learn more about Amanda or the services that she offers, you can visit her via the below links!

If its time to get some of these gorgeous crystal usbs into your life, you can purchase them here.  Like all of our usbs, we provide you with a digital proof so that you can ensure that your usbs are exactly as you hope!  Our crystal usbs are available in gold, silver or rose gold as well as a variety of capacities (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32gb).

Have questions, we would love to chat with you about how to add another level to your business branding!  We would also love it if you could take a moment or two to leave a comment xx

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