Essential Oils in the Newborn Studio

Very grateful to Rachel Sherman from Rachel Sherman Photography who agreed to put together a piece on how we might be able to use essential oils in the newborn studio.  So very interesting - I will definitely be having a go.  There are links at the bottom of this piece so that you can check out more of Rachel's work.  Rachel uses our rectangle timber usbs which can be purchased here.  

Over to you, Rachel...


We all know that certain Essential Oils have very calming properties and that is why I love using them in the studio during both newborn and family sessions to relax babies, children and parents too!

First and foremost whenever I shoot a session, my main concern is always safety.  So I always ask parents if they are happy for me to diffuse calming essential oils during a session.  I also ensure that I am diluting my oils appropriately using an ultrasonic diffuser.


An ultrasonic diffuser uses vibrations to carry aromatic compounds into the air – they are different from vaporisers and humidifiers which use heat and steam.  I will only use 2-3 drops of an Essential Oil, which is an appropriate dilution rate for my 7x7m studio.  (You may only want to use one drop if your studio space is smaller).

Using Essential Oils in a diffuser will provide a really beautiful scent to your studio (I find doTERRA’s Essential Oils have the softest, most delightful aroma) and are much better than any synthetic fragrances you might use otherwise.  Diffusing Essential Oils can also cleanse and purify their air in your studio by removing airborne pathogens.


So….how does it make babies and families calmer?  Well, when aromatic compounds are breathed in through our nose, they dissolve inside a mucous membrane called the olfactory epithelium, which then transmits signals to the part of our brain called our limbic system.  Different aromatic compounds will change the levels of different neurotransmitters which then affects how your body and mind feel.


As an example, Lavender increases the effects of the GABA neurotransmitters in the brain, causing a physical calming effect because it modulates serotonergic activity.

Since using Essential Oils in the studio, I have found that babies are so much more settled during sessions.  It doesn’t mean that they sleep the entire time, but they are definitely more settled when both asleep and awake.  (‘ve also had LOTS of Dads fall asleep snoring on the studio couch too!)

My favourite Essential Oil blend to use in the studio is doTERRA’s Lavender Peace!  It has a lovely deep aroma to it.  Everyone always love the scent.  Some other great Oils to use would include Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood or Marjoram.

Of course, once the session has finished, you can also use Essential Oils as a non-toxic way to clean your studio and purify the air.

Put some OnGuard in the diffuser to get rid of airborne pathogens and cleanse the air of germs.  OnGuard is doTERRA’s Protective Blend.  You can also add some OnGuard, white vinegar and water to a spray bottle to spray over any toys you might have in the studio that older siblings play with.  There is also a great range of On Guard Cleaning products for the floor etc.  And finally, Lemon will also be your friend in the studio to get rid of any scuff marks or other marks on the floor or furniture.

If you’d like any further information on how you can use Essential Oils in the studio, I’d love to talk to you.  You can get started by phoning me on 0427 570 506.
To check out more of Rachel's photography work you can check out her Facebook, Instagram and website.  You might also like to visit her wellness pages and learning more about how you can incorporate essential oils into your studio - facebook, instagram.

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  • Thanks for sharing my experiences with Essential Oils! I love them so much!

    Rachel Sherman

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